31 de octubre de 2010


cause' we all have a darker side

Secret:* : I have one little girl inside, she is so shy and very sensible. She is like me, but when i have 5 five years. If you see that little girl please give her a big hug. She'll please you. Because she love the hugs, specialy if it is with love. ♥ I love that little girl. Althoug She sometimes cry because she feel alone. Do you want to be her friend?
She is my little emo girl 

Muchos piensan que es tonta que no vale la pena, pero yo se lo que ella siente y porque llora tanto, nadie entiende que solo necesita un poco de compañía. Yo le voy a hacer compañía. Aunque me ponga muy triste verla llorar.

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